Prestige Pawn & Jewelry offers discreet collateral lending services on all types of transportation. Whether you have an exotic car, aircraft, boat, Harley motorcycle, yacht or an everyday driver, Prestige Pawn & Jewelry is here to help. A valid driver's license and a free and clear title is all you need to start the loan process for your car, motorcycle, RV or other type of vehicle. Call today for your free quote. There is no loan that is too small or too large.

Everyone that comes to Prestige Pawn has 2 options:


You may pawn your valuables (gold jewelry, diamonds, watches, etc.) as collateral, and in turn we lend you money.  When you pay back the loan plus interest, your property is returned to you.
At the end of the loan period, you have the option of renewing your pledge (pay interest-only to extend the loan).


If you no longer want you items (i.e. unworn, unwanted, gifts you don’t use), you have the option of selling your merchandise to us for cash on the spot.

Prestige Pawn provides fast and easy cash loan services in exchange for an item of value! Come bring in your new or old gold, jewelry, diamonds, electronics, musical instruments, motor vehicles, or anything of value to you and receive an instant cash loan. You have 75 days to redeem the item at a monthly interest rate of 25% per month, and can even receive the cash loan as many times as needed based on the value of the item(s). 

For example: You can bring an item of gold worth $500 but only need a $50 loan.  We will hold our item and lend you the $50 which the interest per month will be $12.50.  You can redeem your item for a total of 50.00 + 12.50 = $62.50 and your item will be returned to you, OR you can just pay the interest of $12.50 and we will hold your item and extend the loan another 75 days till you can pay the principal amount plus interest.  During that time, your item will be kept in a secured bank vault. There’s no need to go to your local bank for an extensive credit check, just head over to Prestige Pawn for our easy and reliable services!